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Shearings Holidays ceases trading (22 May): advice for customers

Advice for customers of Shearings Holidays

We are sorry to confirm that Shearings Holidays Limited trading under the following names - Caledonian Travel Ltd, National Holidays Tours Ltd, Shearings Group Ltd, Shearings Holidays Ltd, Shearings Leisure Group Ltd and UK Breakways Ltd - has ceased trading on Friday 22 May, 2020.

The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) hold a bond under the Bonded Coach Holidays scheme (BCH) to protect customer prepayments and have appointed CSA Limited to manage and process refund claims. 

If you have booked a holiday with Shearings or any of its associated companies, we regret that all bookings will be cancelled. We are here to help you claim back any monies you are owed, including those protected by Refund Credit Notes issued and set out some advice below. Please note that how you paid for your booking is important as it will affect who has responsibility to refund you.

Bookings that include a flight

If your booking included a flight, you need to contact the CAA directly to make a claim for your refund. 

Please visit the CAA website for more information.

Advice to Travel Agents and their clients

If your holiday was booked through a Travel Agent ,the Agent may be able to help with your claim by using the online e-claims portal to assist you in making a claim.

You will need all the necessary documentation and your Agent should be able to help you with this to complete the claims form. The e-claims form can be found  at or email queries can be sent to

In some cases the Agent may have already refunded your money and  the Agent will be looking for reimbursement . In these cases you must still complete a claims form and in addition  you will need to sign a Customer Assignment form authorising  Bonded Coach Holidays to pay the Travel Agent.

It should be noted that travel insurance is not covered by the Bond but your Agent may be able to transfer this to another booking.

Hotel accommodation-only bookings, day trips and excursions

If you made a booking with Shearings for accommodation only, day trips or excursions, these bookings are not protected under the BCH scheme and you will need to submit a claim to your credit card issuer or your debit card issuing bank. 

Your card company or bank may ask you for a referral letter, so to help you with your claim, you can download a letters for both credit and debit card claims from the links below.

*Please note that the debit card letter should be used if you paid by credit card but the total value of the charge was less that £100. 

If you paid by any other method you will need to register your claim with the Administrator Ernst & Young.

Package holidays booked direct with Shearings and paid by credit or debit card

If you paid any amount by credit or debit card, you should seek a refund from your card issuer by way of a section 75 claim under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 or from your card issuing bank by way of a chargeback under the Visa/Mastercard scheme rules. We have prepared a letter to help you with these claims and these can be accessed from the links below. Please note that the debit card letter should be used if you paid by credit card but the total value of the charge was less that £100. Claiming from your card is also likely to be the quickest way for you to receive your monies back.

Package holidays paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque

If you paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque then you can claim under the bond through CSA Limited.  The website to claim can be accessed and the quickest option will be to submit an online e-claims form.  It is a short, straightforward online form and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

You will need an electronic copy of your booking invoice and proof of payment or an acceptable photo of both to complete your claim. 

If you do not have access to internet or you would prefer to complete a claim form and send it in by post, then you can download one here.

CSA aim to complete all claim payments within 4-6 weeks of the completed submitted application form, but it may be sooner and will always be quickest via the online e-claims form.

If you do not have access to the internet, a copy of the claim form can be posted to you to complete and return.  Please write to: Shearings Claim c/o CSA Limited, 308 – 314 London Road, Hadleigh, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 2DD.

If you need assistance with your claim, you can call 01702 840295 however please note that call waiting times may be longer than normal due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and remote working restrictions.

Your monies are protected and you will receive a refund, however we would ask for your patience as it may take a few weeks for your monies to be repaid to you, due to the number of expected claims and the difficult working conditions at this time.

Finally, please note that travel insurance premiums and gift vouchers are not able to be recovered by way of a claim.


Important information (FAQs) for Shearings customers

Click here for a list of FAQs compiled for customers of Shearings Coach Holidays, Shearings River Cruises, National Holidays, Caledonian Travel and UK Breakaways.

Refund credit notes: Covid-19

Bonded Coach Holidays (BCH) members in many cases are unable to trade due to the restrictions imposed by the government as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Refund credit notes are being issued to allow customers to book a future holiday or  request a refund when trading resumes. The consumer must always have the option to a cash refund.

Refund credit notes issued by BCH members in respect of coach based package holidays are protected by the BCH Financial Guarantee in the event of a member’s financial failure (click here for a full list of members)

Protected refund credit notes are recognised by both the government and trading standards

Once businesses get back to work you can discuss your options with the BCH member.


**Covid-19** Notice for passengers booked with a Bonded Coach Holidays member

Whilst recognising Consumer Rights to a refund, it is appropriate at this difficult and unprecedented time to accept Credit Notes.

The Credit Notes  are covered in the event of a financial failure by BONDED COACH HOLIDAYS financial protection.The Credit Notes can be exchanged against future holidays until end of 2021.

Options should be discussed with the individual BCH Member (click here) once businesses are allowed to return to normal working.

Bonded Coach Holidays is in regular contact with the Trading Standards Lead Officer for travel and tourism law.

Who are the BCH members?

For a full list of BCH operators, please view or search our BCH members

Your money is safe with BCH

BCH safeguards your money in the unlikely event that your BCH tour operator ceases trading. You are guaranteed repayment of monies paid. It also ensures the completion of your holiday if it has already started.

Each BCH member is required to provide a bond from a bank or major insurance company to BCH. This bond is used to refund your money or to allow you to complete your holiday if already started. BCH also has an insurance policy available to cover unlikely situations where a members bond does not cover all the refunds.

Why should I book a BCH holiday?

BCH is a consumer protection scheme approved by the Government under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 to safeguard your money. When booking a package coach holiday (involving coach travel and accommodation of at least one overnight stay), be it in the UK or abroad, always check that your tour operator is complying with the Package Travel Regulations with regard to your money. If in doubt ask them how they are complying and how your money is protected.

Remember, it is a legal requirement to provide protection for your money as BCH does.

The EU Package Travel Regulations offer protection to consumers when booking package holidays. Tour operators have a legal obligation to provide such protection and failure to do so is a criminal offence.

How are BCH operators monitored?

The Government has appointed the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT), as the trade body representing the coach and bus industry, to administer BCH under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018

BCH Members are required to comply with operational and financial standards, set out in the rules and code of conduct, and they are audited on a regular basis by CPT.

BCH Members are required to re-apply each year for membership of the scheme, supplying financial information to an independent applications committee who set their bond levels.

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Peace of mind

When considering a coach holiday always look for the BCH logo on the operator’s brochure.

This means that your money is protected by a government approved scheme specifically for coach package holidays (involving coach travel & accommodation of at least one overnight stay).